Lash Extensions

Synthetic, authentic mink or silk professional lash extensions are individually applied with a non-invasive lash adhesive to create longer, thicker, gorgeous lashes. Using top-quality lash products, individual lashes are laid on top of your own natural lash - No clumps or flares! Whether you wish to have dramatic eyes or natural looking lushness, Erica’s classic lash extensions provide instant beauty and draw attention to your eyes.

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Vaughan Lash Extensions
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Please keep in mind the duration of each appointment will vary based on each individual client, your needs of requested lash service or the advise of your lash stylist. (If you are unsure how long of an appointment you will require, please refer to the 'Lash Extensions Pricing' page.)
(Example: Full-set, Partial-set, Removal, Full-fill, Partial-fill, etc,.)